3 Reasons Why Taking Cash At An Accident Could Cost You More

car cras accident on street

Unreported crashes are rising as at-fault motorist are conning their way out of costly lawyer fees, increased insurance premiums, and auto repairs.

As car accident lawyers, more often than not, our clients contact us about a cash crash deal that went sour.

We understand that no one wants to report an accident to their insurance companies and see their insurance premiums go up, but what if you are on the other end of the agreement.

We advise all of our clients not to accept cash for an auto accident. Contact a lawyer because your livelihood and health could depend on it. Here are three reasons why you should never take money after a crash.

Car Damages Can Be Expensive

Just because you (or the other drivers has convinced you) that the damages to your vehicle are minor, you can’t be completely sure without contacting a collision specialist.

A dented bumper could cost several hundred dollars, and deep paint scratches can stretch into the thousands. Also, your rear frame can cost 10,000 dollars or more depending on the severity.

Sorry, but a few hundred dollars at the scene of the accidents simply won’t cut it and can cost you more in the end.

You Could Be More Injured Than You Previous Thought

At the scene of the crash, you may be a little shaken up but fine. Or so you thought. Increases in adrenaline can cause us to not feel ailments, bumps, and bruises at first.

Even the mildest auto accident can cause medical issues to develop days, weeks and even months later. In turn, these injuries can result in missed days of work and expensive medical bills.

Some issues that arise can even be life threatening. For example, minor traumatic brain injury can go unnoticed for an extended period and is harder to spot compared to fractured bones and strained muscles.

You May Lose No-Fault Medical Benefits

Florida is a no-fault state that requires all motorists be insured and that they have personal injury protection, or PIP, benefits.

As a no-fault state, that means that it requires insurance companies to provide auto accident victims medical and monetary benefits no matter who caused the crash.

But when you fail to report your accident, your insurance provider can deny you access to those benefits.

Unfortunately, a lot of drivers are unaware of Florida No Fault Laws and create issues for themselves that they can avoid. It is far more beneficial to file a claim with your insurance provider than to accept monetary compensation for a crash without professional intervention in the form of collision specialist, law enforcement, or lawyer. You could be getting a raw deal.

Your vehicle may be damaged but far more important is your overall health after the accident.

Again, a few hundred dollars at the scene of the crash won’t cover most car repairs or medical costs and because you didn’t get your insurance involved they can’t help either, effectively making your monthly premium payments a waste of time and money.