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Why Should I Provide a Review?

Online reviews are often the first place people look when searching for a firm to represent them. If you are 100% satisfied with your experience, we would be grateful if you took a moment to share about your experience; it could help another person in their time of need.

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Who Can Write a Review?

  • Clients – those we have represented
  • Friends or family of clients – in certain situations, the client may not feel comfortable or be physically able to leave a review. In this case, friends and family are welcome to share stories and outcomes.

Tips for Writing a Review

  • It is best to avoid sharing specifics such as names or the recovery amount.
  • It can be helpful to share the type of case you had, what area of town you are from and why you are satisfied with your experience. Others in need may find this information helpful and even comforting to know they are not alone.
  • Several of our clients have shared how their lives have changed following the recovery and their appreciation of our communication, availability and our support team’s abilities and friendliness.

Sample Reviews

“From my first time calling Gallagher & Hagopian, I knew I had found the right firm for me. They answered all my questions and guided me step by step through the process, taking the worry off my shoulders and bearing it themselves.”

“This team is amazing. No better attorneys to fight for us. Quickly responds to texts and calls. Everyone in their office is very caring. They did a fantastic job with our case. We are very pleased.”

“Kevin and Greg are not only good men but the best at what they do. They were just the shoulder my family needed at…”

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America was founded on the premise that all people are created equal and are guaranteed equal rights under the law. Along with these rights comes the responsibility of treating your fellow man fairly, a principle that applies to individuals as well as companies and corporations.
As personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers, Gallagher and Hagopian are committed to helping and fighting for those that have suffered serious injuries in an accident, through medical malpractice or as the result of another person’s or company’s negligence.
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