Why You Need Full Insurance Coverage For You And Your Car


Florida is a No-Fault State. This means that regardless of who was at fault for an accident, you should always contact your own insurance company so that they can pay for your medical bills received as a result of the accident. To assure that you and your car are completely insured, you should purchase the following:

P. I. P. (Personal Injury Protection). Pays eighty percent of your medical bills and sixty percent of your lost wages due to injuries suffered as a result of an accident. You should purchase P. I. P. without a deductible.

Property Damage. Pays for the damages caused to property when you are at fault.

Bodily Injury Coverage. Pays for the permanent injuries or for the death of others, when you, or the person driving your vehicle, are at fault for an accident. This type of insurance covers you and your property, by paying the victims of an accident you may have caused.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Pays if you suffer bodily injury in an accident when you are not at fault, and the person(s) responsible for the accident do not have bodily injury coverage or only have a partial amount of bodily injury coverage. You should purchase this coverage to be completely covered.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage. Pays for repairs or loss of your car, no matter who is at fault for the accident. If your car has been customized in any way, it is very important that you have an appraisal on your vehicle before being involved in an accident. Do not allow yourself to be limited by the value of your car as it is listed in the “blue book”.

Other Coverages you should consider. Medical Payments, which pays the 20% not covered by your PIP coverage, Towing, Car Rental, Accidental Death and coverage for the loss of any body part. It is estimated that the number of motorists without the proper insurance coverage is approximately sixty percent (60%). For a few more dollars, you can obtain complete coverage. Remember that insurance agents work for the insurance company and not for you. Don’t allow an insurance agent to prevent you from purchasing what you need.

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